MAMMA MIA Northern Stage

“All purpose pro Susan Haefner, Donna in last summer’s Weston Playhouse production, was a riot as Annie’s man-hungry friend Tanya…” Jim Lowe, Times Argus.

“Is there anything that Susan Haefner cannot do? By now a Northern Stage regular, she has appeared previously as the wholesome Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins and as the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol. As Donna’s old friend and bandmate Tanya, she’s jaded and a little faded until she turns up the heat with a fawning boy-toy in Does Your Mother Know…” Susan B. Apel ArtfulEdge


MAMMA MIA Weston Playhouse

“Susan Haefner is sensational as Donna, the mother of the bride. She imparts the Act I performance of “Dancing Queen” with pure joy and performs “The Winner Takes It All” with such nuanced emotion it just might break your heart. As always, Haefner is a pleasure to watch.” David Lampe-Wilson, Chester Telegraph. Read full review.

“It falls to Susan Haefner…to carry much of the dramatic burden of this sprightly show. She takes the bit in her teeth and pulls forward against all odds and makes the evening into something far beyond pleasure. She plays anger, frustration, love, passion, desire, mother-love and every other conceivable Greek intention with the musical honesty of a diva who knows how best to do it.” J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus. Read full review.


THE HOW AND THE WHY Shaker Bridge Theatre

“For many reasons, not least the fearless performances of Susan Haefner and Theresa Kloos, teenagers and parents and even the child-free among us should see and hear this two-woman drama…” David Corriveau, Valley News. Read full review.


mary-poppins-final-pose-copy-2MARY POPPINS Northern Stage

Susan Haefner was an unusually dimensional mother Banks, subtle and sympathetic…” Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald. Read full review.







Weston Playhouse

“Susan Haefner gives a shimmering performance as Juliana. She artfully allows past trauma to creep up Juliana, then she spirals down into a netherworld of emotional pain.  It is a performance both disturbing and compelling, one that gives this lean, tightly-constructed play its powerful vibrancy.” – David Lampe-Wilson, Chester Telegraph. Read full review.

“Watching Haefner as Juliana strut, implode and then find herself is a powerful experience, scary, touching and finally reassuring.” – Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald. Read full review.


OTHER DESERT CITIES11357173_10155572259000411_7242288870866134807_o

Shaker BridgeTheatre

“Broadway actress Susan Haefner is a natural as Brooke, a role that requires remorse, sadness, sarcastic humor and rage.” – Warren Johnston, Valley News. Read full review.



THE DINING ROOMThe Dining Room Peggy

Playhouse on Park

“To my eye, the actor who morphs most convincingly through multiple roles and ages is Susan Haefner.” – Karen Bovard,

“Susan Haefner is especially touching as an old woman losing her memory to dementia, and then proves to be equally skillful playing a teenager sneaking vodka while her parents are out.” – Zander Opper, Talkin’ Broadway.



Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

“Broadway vet Susan Haefner embodies Rosemary Clooney‘s voice and mannerisms without ever feeling like an impersonation…She aptly conveys the spunky, tortured-though-emotionally-aloof personality of the singer, and is impressive with her acting choices and ability.” – Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway. Read full review.

“Susan Haefner does an excellent job in the title role, giving Clooney a brassy honesty that rings true…” – Rob Bucher, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati. Read full review.

“Haefner’s singing sounds so much like Clooney I bet if I closed my eyes I wouldn’t have known the difference” – Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic. Read full review.

“Susan Haefner bears an uncanny resemblance, physically and vocally, to Clooney. An accomplished actress, she convincingly portrays the singer who had a tender heart but a tough exterior…Haefner captures Clooney’s vocal style for upbeat numbers like “Come On-A My House” and “Botch-A-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciami Piccina)” as well as wistful numbers including “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me,” “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?” and “Count Your Blessings.” – Rick Pender, City Beat. Read full review.

“Haefner convinces the audience that they’re peering through a window into half a century ago.” – Paige Malott, Cincinnati Refined. Read full review.

More great press:


VANYA & SONIA & MASHA & SPIKEHSP2014_5264-2250px

Weston Playhouse

“Susan Haefner is delightfully over the top as the sexually omnivorous and wonderfully self-centered Masha.” – Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald. Read full review.

Bonanno, White and Haefner are fine farceurs and sear every laugh in Durang’s well-marbled dialogue. They effortlessly careen from self-absorbed loopy to heartfelt tender and back again, exposing layer upon layer of hurt, self-pity and regret to the unending pleasure of the audience.” – David Lampe Wilson, Chester Telegraph. Read full review.

“Masha’s selfishness isn’t all that it seems at first and as played by Susan Haefner Masha is a host of contridictions made all right by her ultimate slip into sincerity. The actress here has a great deal of delicate balancing in the role, and she manages it wonderfully, particularly in the crying scene b(see photo). Haefner is a fine substitute for the haughtiness of the original actress, Sigourney Weaver. Weaver has met her match here, essentially.” – J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus. Read full review.




Shaker Bridge Theatre

“Haefner delivered a deeply powerful performance that successfully mixed caustic wit, desperation and pathos. It was heart-wrenching and beautiful.”- Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald.

“In her first role at Shaker Bridge, Susan Haefner gives a virtuoso performance as Juliana. She’s intimidating and relentless one minute, frightened and vulnerable in the next. The harder she tries to exert control the more things fall apart. Haefner is a compelling knot of contradictions all the way through until she dissolves into a pool of pure emotion that is very affecting.” – Nicola Smith, Valley News.





“Susan Haefner is perfectly cast as the boy’s teacher, weary from coaching cute little brats but willful enough to goad talent when she sees it. She…demonstrates the steely spined optimism that makes the show work.” – Michael Morain, Des Moines Register

“Susan Haefner as Billy’s dance instructor and Rich Hebert as Billy’s father wonderfully portray the contrasting attitudes of the adults in Billy’s life.” – Brook Bridenstine, BWW,

“Haefner gives an inspiring performance [as Grandma] in this emotional number that was often quite funny; imagining her life without a man, dancing and drinking whenever she wants and the power of being able to just be yourself.” – Jen Maciulewicz,





Ford Center, Broadway, NY

“Susan Haefner…as Annie…nails each of her one-liners with terrific comic precision, and seems destined for bigger things.” – American Theatre Web


Studio East Modern Millie - Web Home_0


La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California

“…Susan Haefner…created [a] stunning Millie, who seem literally to burst with energy…performed beyond expectation…turned in a remarkable performance. ” – A CurtainUp Review Los Angeles





Music Box Theatre, Broadway, NY

“The day I saw  “State Fair”…Susan Haefner played Margy, and I prefer her…Haefner has both a lovely stage voice and a likable manner. This show could launch her career.” – Raleigh News and Observer




Weston Playhouse

“It was Haefner’s three-dimensional interpretation of Haley Walker, no ingenue but still quite a catch, that made the evening so enjoyable.“ – Kevin M. O’Toole, Manchester Journal

“Haefner…was, indeed, a most sympathetic Haley. We are happy to laugh with her and cry with her as she regales us with the miseries of adult dating…what made Haefner’s Haley particularly sympathetic, was her seeming ability to let Haley laugh at herself.” – Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald




Weston Playhouse

“Susan Haefner is radiant as Anna…a remarkable talent.”
Brattleboro Reformer




Weston Playhouse

“Kudos to Susan Haefner…for subtle and clever characterization. The reality here in Weston is that there were no caricatures drawn; all of the people were real. “
J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

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